Finally Google has announced the name for Android O : Oreo . This update will bring some new changes to Android . Oreo will be available on Google pixel,Pixel XL, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P smartphones and Pixel C and Nexus player devices first. The system image can be manually install on this devices. Just follow this link and grab the image if your phone is listed on the list. Other vendor models will get the update most probably by the end of the year.

Some of the features of Oreo includes :

  1. 2x Faster : As tested on Google pixel, the boot speed become almost twice faster.
  2. The background activity of an app that you use least is minimised. i.e. the device will become more faster even you have some unused apps installed.
  3. “picture in picture” mode that will run two apps simultaneously. One on top of other in a corner.

4. Android instant app : Without installing a app , you can test it directly from your browser

5. Notification Dot : If any app has any new info, one new dot will be displayed .

6. Oreo introduced a newly designed emoji set with 60 new emoji

The main feature of Oreo is the changed in its architecture so that the third party manufactures can easily integrate their changes .

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